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Frequently Asked Questions

What time of year should I put Uncle Kurt's Deer Mineral out?

What time of year should I put Uncle Kurt's Deer Mineral out?

Because Uncle Kurt's is a year round mineral supplement, the deer will hit it at any time.  Certain times of the year the deer will visit more often, and some deer will visit the mineral at times when others won't.

Starting a mineral feeding station in late winter or early spring will maximize the number of deer that will visit that station throughout spring, summer and fall.

The great thing about our deer mineral is that it doesn't disintegrate like other mineral licks, and it will be there when the deer come looking for some.

How should I put the Mineral out?  Are there any techniques to it?

How should I put the Mineral out? Are there any techniques to it?

We recommend that you dig a small hole in the ground about 8-12 inches in diameter and about 6 inches deep.  After digging this hole, just pour the mineral in.  You can also pour the mineral on a stump, or just right on the ground.

Can I hunt over the mineral lick?

Always check the laws for your specific state.  Some states allow hunting over mineral, while some might not.  Make sure it is legal before hunting over Uncle Kurt's. 

A deer mineral pile that hadn't been refreshed in a couple weeks

How much mineral should I put out?

Make sure you have enough mineral at your feeding station, so the deer do not run out during times when they need it the most.  If the deer are visiting frequently, continue to put out the deer mineral frequently.

Sometimes the deer tend to spread the deer mineral out on the ground, which is why we like to use the 'dig a hole' method.  You may have to refresh lick stations weekly and sometimes, although the deer may still be visiting, it may be a month or more before refreshing is needed.

If I am hunting over the mineral pile, how far from the mineral should I put my stand?

This really depends.   Mature bucks will sometimes visit mineral lick stations during daylight hours in the off season, but during the season they visit them primarily at night.  Hunting pressure plays a big factor in this.  Some hunters like to set up (on a heavily used trail) between the deer bedding area and the Deer mineral station.  Hunting right near/over the mineral can work well too.

Does the Deer mineral grow bigger racks?

Read here about factors that affect whitetail deer antler size.

Are there bad spots to put the mineral?

  • Deer Trail - We recommend putting the mineral along a well-used deer trail.
  • Small food plot - If you have a small food plot, placing your mineral right in the middle of the plot may work great.
  • Large food plot - If you have a larger food plot, strategically place the mineral in a spot close to your stand
  • Large crop field - try placing mineral along the edge of field
  • Water source - near ponds or stream bottoms work great

How many different stations should i put on my property?

It varies. One mineral station per 40 acres (where deer are prevalent) is a good start.

Will other animals visit the mineral station?

You will find other animals visiting your mineral station, such as turkeys, raccoons, and other critters.  They will not consume much of the mineral, although the turkeys may peck away at the mineral.  Cattle will lick the mineral.  We recommend against putting the mineral where cattle can find it.

How long does it take for deer to find the mineral?

Not long at all.  Uncle Kurt's has artificial flavors and aromas that attract deer.  They will usually find it with in a day or two, especially if it is near or on a trail.

Is it legal for me to use deer mineral?

It varies from state to state.  Check with your states laws regarding baiting/using mineral.  Some states allow using mineral but only at certain times of the year, while some states let you bait year round.  Always check with your states laws and regulations.