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Putting Out Deer Mineral and Winter Scouting

Uncle Kurts Deer Mineral

Winter Scouting a good time to determine spring mineral stations

When deer hunting season ends, so does most hunters time in the woods. Snow on the ground presents a great opportunity for hunters to scout deer. Walking around the woods this time of year has a few benefits:

  • You can find sheds
  • Finding deer sign
    • It is easy to find deer sign when there is snow on the ground. 
    • You can find out where deer are bedding/feeding
  • You can find good trees for tree stands.
    • Many hunters head out mid summer to locate potential stand locations. 
    • What these hunters are not thinking about, are what these trees will look like when the leaves are gone.  Winter is a great time to find a tree stand location that will be good even when the leaves have fallen.
  • Finding potential locations for deer lick stations.
    • Like I mentioned earlier, because of the snow, deer sign is easy to find.
    • Take note of trails leading to bedding areas, food sources, water sources and more.
    • Don’t worry about spooking deer.  You have 7 months until the season starts.
  • Start putting out you deer lick (mineral) soon.  As soon as the snow starts melting, you are going to want to get your deer lick stations set up.  In Southern states with no snow, we recommend putting out you deer lick as soon as they lose their antlers.

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