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Deer Mineral in the Fall

It's getting to be that time of year again. The deer are reaching their full antler potential and they will soon be shedding the velvet that has covered them all summer. The bucks will soon be getting ready for rut and the does will be ready to wean their fawns. That is why it is more important then ever to get Uncle Kurt's deer mineral out in your mineral stations.

As you look at your local deer herd, the deer's antlers may not be as big as you would like them to be or you are having a hard time getting standing pictures of the bucks. That is where Uncle Kurt's Deer Mineral comes into play. It isn't too late in the season to help your deer population reach their full potential.

Before the days get shorter in the fall, find a good shady spot off of a well used deer trail, and dump a pound or two of Uncle Kurt's mineral. Once they start hitting that station you might have to increase the feeding rate. Another key point is a rotten stump this area will stay damp through the summer months and the deer will consume the stump as they eat the mineral.

Keep your mineral stations in a place where the deer will feel safe to come out at all times of the day, You might be surprised at the size of the bucks coming out at high noon to take in some Uncle Kurt's Deer Mineral!

Give it a couple of days, maybe a week, and check your mineral stations. Once the deer have found the mineral, other deer will come in and before you know it a large portion of the local herd is visiting your stations every day. Keep the stations well stocked. The deer will even dig in the dirt surrounding where you have dumped mineral, but a nice fresh bag won't last long once they have found it. Usage will be high earlier on as the antlers are in there early stages of growth, it will taper off some as the summer nears its end.

Place your trail camera close to the station or stations and watch the antlers grow. Keep in mind that the does and fawns coming in to your stations are benefitting from the mineral as well. Fawns need the mineral for good bone development and the does will need the mineral for next year's fawns.

Keeping does in the area is key for the end of October and the November hunts. Hunt where the does are and the bucks won't be to far behind! Keeping your stations full of mineral will ensure a healthy deer herd and quality hunting.

Hunt safe, hunt hard and get off the beaten path and shoot a big buck. Good luck!

Aaron Wolf
Prairie Ag truck driver and Avid Bowhunter