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Uncle Kurt's Deer Mineral

Start feeding your deer the essential vitamins and minerals they need.  Uncle Kurt's is a year long vitamin and mineral Supplement for healthy deer and maximum antler growth. It has a flavor and aroma that attracts deer, and delivers top quality results at a fraction of the price of other competing minerals.

What Separates Uncle Kurt's from the millions of other deer minerals?

Uncle Kurt's is Manufactured by Prairie Ag Supply LLC, based out of Menomonie, Wisconsin. Prairie Ag Supply is one of the longest running feed mills in the Midwest. Here at Prairie Ag, we specialize in manufacturing texturized, premix feeds and minerals for livestock.  With three ruminant nutritionists on staff and a mill full of avid hunters, Prairie Ag guarantees a quality product & results. 

Best Time of the year to Put out your Deer Mineral

With summer here, it is a great time to put out Uncle Kurt's Deer Mineral. It is important for lactating does and for the bucks starting their antler growth, to get the essential vitamins & trace minerals they need.  Contact us at Uncle Kurt's for more information on our mineral.

Above photo: A buck visits an Uncle Kurt's Mineral station mid summer. This particular buck's sheds were found and scored 194 gross with a 17 inch spread.  It looks like he may already be well above 200 inches in this photo.  This monster deer was a frequent visitor to one of our customers deer mineral stations he has set up.  Remember:  Send in your trail cam pictures of your bucks in at your mineral site, to info {at}

More photos of the 200+ inch giant. Above is him mid June and early July This deer can't seem to get enough of our mineral. Keep in mind, these are free ranging deer.

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